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21 February 2023

On February 21, professional image stylist Natalya Gorelko held an amazing master class for the guys from  Leninsky SPC in Minsk. 8 girls and guys plunged headlong into the topic of fashion, trends, style.
Natalia introduced to the children:
What  fashion is and who dictates it, promotes it;
About the effect of fashion trends (trends);
On the difference between eras and countries in relation to fashion;
How clothes can affect the impression of a person;
How fashion trends affect the economy, people's habits;
Who influencers are;
About personal style, personal boundaries and perception.
They even touched on the topic of artificial intelligence and hitech!
Teenagers asked billions of questions and willingly shared their opinions; there were heated discussions. WWB plans to hold a series of such meetings, because it became clear that the guys find a huge response and interest in this! Thanks to the staff of the institution for their help in organizing the event and, of course, to Natalia herself!!!

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