Warm Meetings in Winter Mogilev


28 February 2023

On February 27,  “World Without Borders” team together with volunteers visited closed institutions for teenage boys:  Mogilev special school and  Mogilev vocational school No. 2 for woodworking.
Many guys were looking forward to this meeting in order to see their volunteer friends and pen pals again. There were also new guys whom we managed to get to know, talk to everyone, congratulate on the men's holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day.
An organized quiz by teams amused the guys and made them very excited, because the questions and answers were, among other things, humorous. All teams did an excellent job, while one of the teams gave the largest number of correct answers, which was solemnly congratulated and presented to the guys with a board game.
There was time for tea parties and sincere conversations with the pupils, when they were able to share a little  about their events, experiences, thoughts about the future. Volunteers willingly left their contacts and addresses in order to keep in touch with the pupils of institutions. Also, there were some pleasant surprises - everyone, without exception, was presented with a set of chocolate and sweets!
We thank the leadership and staff of  Mogilev Special School and  Mogilev vocational school, as well as our wonderful, generous volunteers, for the warm welcome and support!
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