Teenagers: "Our safety is our interest!"


3 April 2023

On March 27-31, 2023 a children's forum was held within the framework of the UNDEF project "Protection of the rights of adolescents in institutions of Belarus", in which 40 people took part. The event was held in OK "Rocket" (suburb of Minsk).

There were teenagers aged 12-17 and teachers of educational institutions from different localities: Minsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Baranovichi, Slonim, Rechitsa, Bogushevsk, Soligorsk, Gorodishche. Some of the children are pupils of social shelters and boarding schools, as well as special closed institutions.
For 5 days, classes were held with trainers (MBG specialists) on recognizing violence, creating a children's version of the Code of Conduct for employees of the institution and the Code of the child in an educational institution. Classes were held with each coach in turn, that is, the teams replaced each other at locations. Both recreational and entertainment programs were organized for the children: a visit to the pool, an intellectual and educational quiz "Mozgoboynya", a sportland, a meeting with the youth ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals in Belarus Vladislava Stolerova, games at the stations with the involvement of props and specialists from the organization "Caritas-Minsk" , as well as an impressive theater program featuring a volunteer youth theatre. And there was also its own WWB mail, which received up to 50 calls a day!
On the last day of the Forum, teenagers designed a poster "5 rules of an educational institution", reflecting the principles of creating a safe and friendly environment for all children in a particular institution (school, orphanage, boarding school, etc.). It was mandatory to present their project, after which the guys willingly shared their impressions of the Forum. The chairman of WWB solemnly presented personal certificates to teenagers, as well as a set of stationery for the team of the institution for further project activities.
Excerpts from children's letters about the Forum:
“Thank you for the time you spent with us! You are the best teachers I have ever met!” Lena, 14 years old

“You are all cool guys! I was glad to meet all of you. You are so smart, talented, energetic, funny, cool. I liked talking with you, playing with you. I spent these 5 days very fun and interesting!” Maxim, 12 years old

“I wish you all happiness, health, love, and that you know how to live your life long and well.” Zhenya, 14 years old

“During my stay here, I remembered many situations that were not particularly pleasant. This event helped me realize how to help myself and, if necessary, others. All of this applies to all of us! Who offends, offends people nearby or, God forbid, beats - I wish you to rethink your attitude towards people. I wish you all good luck, patience and forgive everyone who offended you! Julia, 12 years old.

We thank all those present for their active and fruitful participation!