Events for Contact Persons and Achievements

Charitable Public Association "World Without Borders" is actively working with contact persons and applicants for this role. Any adult who wishes can become a contact person for pupils and graduates of the closed type educational institutions. To do this, he or she needs to write about the desire to try himself/herself in this mission, fill out a questionnaire, send it to us and wait for the specialist to contact inviting to an interview.

Working meetings are regularly held for all contact persons, where problem areas are discussed in interaction with adolescents: how to help adolescents who cannot contact their parents? What to write in letters, what can it mean and what to do if a teenager answers with very monosyllabic and small letters? How to help a teenager get a job or come to school after serving a term in a closed type institution? Etc.

Once a year, a training seminar is held for the most active contact persons who take part in many events, provide assistance to pupils and graduates of closed institutions. These seminars help not only to gain a lot of new and useful knowledge, but also to exchange experience, get acquainted with new methods of interaction.

Today the organization has more than 70 volunteers and contact persons who voluntarily provide assistance and support to more than 200 pupils and graduates of the closed type educational institutions. Contact persons are becoming more and more active every year and are involved in the life of the organization: they take part in charity events, hold meetings with children, correspond with pupils, meet with teenagers in the region at their place of residence and much more. I would like to note that our contact friends do this voluntarily work free of charge!

In order for the team to become cohesive (although it is large), our organization holds informal meetings with contact persons - celebrating New Year holidays, where the results of the year are summed up, summer camps. This is a very important part of dealing with contact persons. Everyone comes with the family having the opportunity meeting new people, playing games and just having a good time with people who are united with the same purpose in the life.

Contact people of our organization can feel like heroes - becoming a friend, helper and advisor for a teenager.

Our volunteers are people of different ages, different occupations and hobbies, but all of them are bright, talented individuals with tireless energy, communication with whom develops into strong friendship.

Several reviews from contact persons:

“World Without Borders” is not just a charity organization! This is a magical land where miracles work! All employees and volunteers are real fairies and sorcerers. They help children and adults to believe in miracles, to realize their cherished dreams, to understand how wonderful our life is, despite all the difficulties. To be a volunteer of CPA "World Without Borders" is to be a part of a wonderful team! We are proud to be with you! Thank you very much for giving many people a chance to believe in their strengths and capabilities.

Pavel and Irina Karpovich

In summer of 2020, it will be 13 years since I have been a volunteer of CPA “World Without Borders”. I am very grateful to this organization for the fact that it exists in our country. Thanks to the activities of “World without Borders” children receive sincere love, warmth and new friends who will always gladly come to the rescue. I love children very much and thanks to the events organized by WWB, I can give care and joy to those who need it. Over the years I have made many "small" friends with whom I still communicate. It is very pleasant when they remember the times when we came to them in the closed type institutions and how they thanked us   for the fact that in the most difficult moments of their lives we were there. “World without Borders” has become a part of my life and I am very happy about it!

Evgeniya Kurilo