Children and young people in conflict with the law

Activities of the CPA "World without Borders" aim at improving the model of interaction between governmental and non-governmental structures of the Republic of Belarus on re-socialization of teenagers who came into conflict with the law and were placed in special closed-type educational institutions.

The goal of the activity is to increase the effectiveness of social rehabilitation and re-socialization of young people who came into conflict with the law in accordance with their rights guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Expected results:

Implementation of the activities will result in the following:

* Development and implementation of new technologies for rehabilitation of teenagers who came into conflict with the law and were sent to special closed-type institutions, built on the basis of interaction of all stakeholders; opening of a pilot department for social adaptation and re-socialization of pupils and graduates "The House Near the Road " in one of the institutions; creation of the conditions for the opening of such departments in other institutions;

* Training of specialists working at a new professional and technological level, enabling young people in special closed-type institutions as well as their graduates to maximize their rights and opportunities; introduction of a systematic "contact person" work that provides children who came into conflict with law and pupils of specialized institutions with competent and confidential contacts with specially trained adults with whom adolescents have built relationships;

* Involvement of the family into the process of re-socialization of teenagers;

* New tendency in attitude of society towards pupils and graduates of closed-type institutions.

Project description:

The implementation of these activities will contribute to the creation of unified approaches to work with teenagers, taking into account their individuality, and to the development of a common strategy. The basic principles of this strategy will be continuity, unified requirements, consistency and succession.

Stakeholders – target groups of the project:

1. Pupils and graduates of the closed-type institutions;

2. Employees of the closed-type institutions;

3. Specialists of social and pedagogical centers;

4. Social and educational services of schools;

5. Families of children, pupils and graduates who came into conflict with the law;

6. «Contact persons» - specially trained groups of volunteers working with children from target groups of the project;

7. Public associations working with teenagers, adolescents and families.

The project involves working with all target groups aimed at achieving their close, sustainable, long-term interaction in the interests of successful re-socialization.