The team of the Charity Public Association “World Without Borders” has started the implementation of the project “Realization of Rights through Communication”.

This project continues the theme of deinstitutionalization as a process consisting of a set of measures conducive to the successful integration of children with disabilities from the house-boarding institutions into native or foster families. The development and wide dissemination of alternative communication methods and means will contribute to the realization and ensuring the rights of children with disabilities, children in the house-boarding institutions, to family, education, quality medical care, the right to protection from abuse, participation in the life of the society and the right to comprehensive and full development .

Within the framework of this project, WWB will present for specialists in the social sphere, education the Roadmap for the deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities, developed on the example of the State Institution “Ivenets house-boarding institution for Disabled Children”.

To implement the project, WWB plans to attract experts and specialists. Experts will be included in the development of a unified system of graphic symbols, signs and gestures, the training of specialists - educators - promoters on the adaptation and implementation of alternative and additional communication (hereinafter - AAC) in a house-boarding institution, methodological support for creating a unified language environment, training the employees and children, the accumulation of materials for the resource center. Specialists of the house-boarding institution will be responsible for teaching AAC to children and developing their social skills, creating communication situations, creating a unified language environment using a single system of graphic characters and gestures of AAC. The practical experience of specialists is planned to be accumulated in the form of a base of symbols and gestures of various AAC systems, special communicative devices, individual communication systems for children, lesson scenarios and video materials.

The resource center online will accumulate the most progressive forms and methods, practical results of the introduction of AAC for children with disabilities with impaired verbal communication skills. Methodical materials, uniform \ unified systems of graphic symbols and gestures, "communication portraits" of children, lesson templates will be used to prepare adoptive and foster parents for raising a child with a disability who has impaired verbal communication skills; for educational events and consultations for families and loved ones of these children in the process of implementing individual plans for deinstitutionalization and prevention of institutionalization.

Internships and consultations will also help to successfully solve the strategic task of training staff in effective communication. In order to develop competencies in the field of realization of rights and communication competence, it is planned to carry out information and training activities to intensify partnership efforts in creating conditions for the deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities. At the final stage of the project, it is supposed to approve uniform language tools for the whole country, which will allow to unify the process of teaching, training and using these languages.