Another Life: What Determines Resocialization of “Difficult” Adolescents


24 February 2023

And what can be done so that children justify the hope for a brighter future and not become a reserve for adult crime? Special educational institutions are trying to change the worldview of adolescents and promote their social growth, but the stigmatization of problem children imposes additional difficulties on their adaptation to normal life.

The State Educational Institution "Grodno Regional Socio-Pedagogical Center" organized a webinar on February 24, 2023 "Features and conditions for effective support of minors who returned from special educational and medical and educational institutions, places of deprivation of liberty" for educational psychologists and teachers of social institutions secondary special education, regional socio-pedagogical centers.
In the webinar, the speakers were the chairman of  "World without Borders" A.A. Ananenko, a teacher-psychologist of the educational institution "Petrikov State Special Vocational School of Closed Type No. 1 of Light Industry" G.N. Kudravets, a teacher-psychologist of the state educational institution " Secondary school No. 18 in Pinsk”, head of the initiative group of the project “Teenager in conflict with the law: from conflict to inclusion” E.S. Kovalko.