16 February 2023

Despite growing awareness discrimination, lack of understanding and negative attitudes towards “disability” still exist. Because children with disabilities in many countries remain marginalized from mainstream society, most members of society tend to have little exposure to children with disabilities and therefore have not had the opportunity to develop acceptance of diversity. The organization of inclusive practice implies a creative approach and a certain flexibility of the educational environment, which adapts to the individual educational needs of children.
On February 3-10, an internship was organized by the Foundation for Holistic and Sustainable Development Windmill Tree within the framework of the project “The Art of Inclusion 2-Sports and Activities”, which was attended by representatives of public associations and teachers from 10 countries (Belarus, Albania, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece). Experts exchanged experience in the field of inclusive education and also reached preliminary agreements on the implementation of joint projects.
Such visits and discussions of professionals set a new impetus for the development of effective cooperation at the international level. After all, the teaching profession is a special vocation in which "there is no limit to perfection."