CPA «World without Borders»

From heart to heart

 "Peace to the incoming" is said in one of the biblical commandments. In it the appeal: give, adults, entering the world of a small man an example of harmony, kindness and justice.


As the sun is necessary for a growing flower, every child is very important to feel welcome and loved. To grow up happy!

And the fate of children left without parental care, seriously ill, chained to wheelchairs, one-on-one with grief, the society responds. And it requires not only permanent state care, but also active participation in the noble mission of people who are not indifferent.

The charitable public association "The World Without Borders" has been caring for the needy children for many years. The state meaningful charitable actions are embodied in life, unique creative projects are organized.

Not a day passes without specific cases for specific, requiring attention of small citizens of Belarus. The baton of glorious beginnings is continued by like-minded people of different ages, nationalities, religion. Our friends and co-operation partners live in Belarus, Sweden, Poland and other countries. But the distance, the borders do not interfere with GOOD to create together.

We try to be guides of goodwill and help establish an atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship in society. After all, true charity is international and creative.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who contributes to the common humanitarian work! We will be grateful to those who wish to join our numerous team of unselfish hearts in unison.

Let not only in fairy tales, but in reality more often do real miracles occur, and cherished childhood dreams will surely come true!

Tatsiana Payeuskaya

Deputy Chairperson of Charitable Public Assosiation "World Without Borders" (2020 - 2023 March)
Chairperson of Charitable Public Assosiation "World Without Borders" (2004 - 2020)