Для специалистов

 training and informational events for specialists and activities for children on the following topics:

•Monitoring of the situation of children in an institution as a form of effective management and improving quality of their lives

•Case management and a structured assessment of the risks of committing unlawful acts by the adolescents and the possibilities to neutralize them

•Social approach in designing and managing juvenile delinquency systems

•Individual planning of assistance to an adolescent prone to illegal behavior: motivation, goal setting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

•Motivational interview

•Simulation techniques for working with children

•Work with a primitive group and techniques for its separation

•SMART approach in planning assistance for adolescents

•Self-help groups, group conferences as forms of assistance to adolescents with problem behavior

•AART- a technique for training social competence and replacing aggressive behavior

•Assessment of contributions and socio-economic effects of working with a teenager

•Organization of a protective regime for adolescents in the closed-type institutions

•Extremist environments, recruiting and radicalization in youth and adolescent groups: identification and work

•Identification of risk and protective factors in family up-bringing and development of recommendations and  plans to overcome risk factors or strengthen protective factors (monitoring the family, collective discussion, development of recommendations and monitoring the initial stage of implementation)

•Multifunctional approaches and programs

•Scenario games and quests in the organization of preventive work

• Adventure pedagogy

• Development of strategies and plans for the implementation of new approaches (roadmap)

These events can be held in the form of lectures, discussions, workshops, consultations, educational courses, trainings and for children in the form of forums, meetings, camps and multiprograms.

The following services can be offered: audit of specific cases (including client ones), audit of documents, thematic audit (NGZ, SOP, IPR, comprehensive rehabilitation, etc.)