Inclusion starts with communication


24 April 2023

A seminar on the practice of introducing alternative and additional communication (ADC) in a boarding school for children and young people with disabilities was held in Bogushevsk. The event was attended by interested specialists, employees and staff of the orphanage.
The strength of the seminar was the presence and presentation of the ADC trainees, who have personal experience in studying and implementing the ADC in raising children in a boarding school.
Alternative and additional communication is a developing system of communication that promotes personality-oriented education and training, providing for the optimal development of each child in the conditions of specially organized educational activities.
The participants were provided with information on the need and importance of using ADC in work with special children, on the role of diagnostics in choosing ADC, and were told and shown success stories of using ADC in work using a good example. The importance and necessity of unity, cohesion and continuity in work, the desire to work (there are no random people) and to believe in pupils are shown. We drew attention to the fact that ADC is available for all categories of non-verbal children (including those with severe and multiple developmental disabilities).  We shared our experience of lecturing with the use of computer technology and a projector. Particular emphasis is placed on the Go Tok 9 speech simulator (auxiliary technical means of communication with speech output). Screensaver cards with thematic images were demonstrated, which I use in working with non-verbal children.
The successes achieved by the "working group" confirm the need for the introduction of ADK into the daily work of the educator and the creation of a communicative environment. It is ADK that is a means of expressing needs, a manifestation of the personal qualities of a person who does not have the opportunity to communicate through oral speech.
During the seminar the participants asked questions of interest regarding the diagnosis of communication skills, the creation of a communication passport and album, programs for tablets, spoken buttons, etc. The audience was also interested in the Razmov application, which is under development.
ADK is not just a means of normalizing life, but a means of developing special children, forming an inclusive society that can change the lives of not children from boarding schools who do not use speech, but all non-verbal people, as well as those who are close to them.