Charitable public association "World without Borders" has been kindly looking after the needy children for many years.We conduct meaningful charitable actions and organise unique creative projects.



Regular expert consultations on Alternative and Additional Communication (AAC) help the  staff of Gorodishche house- boarding institution to educate children in a new way to communicate when they are unable to use the speech.
The practical seminar "Interdepartmental cooperation for keeping  a child with disabilities in the family" was attended by 60 representatives of organizations of the educational management system, health care, social protection of  Minsk region, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and Education of Belarus, the Main Department of Education and the Regional Committee for Labor and Employment and social protection of Minsk region. At the seminar,  leaders of the project “Warm House” of the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers Helping Orphans” (Russia) shared their experience.

During the period from 5 to 9 July 2021, the summer integration action "RHYTHM" - Romantics, Seekers, Tvortels, Dreamers took place on the basis of Petrikov closed-type educational institution. Every day was filled with special bright colors, emotions, impressions.

The participants of the International Conference were  happy to receive the ten years experience results of the implementation of AAC in one of the boarding schools in St.Petersburg.
The V International Scientific and Practical Conference "Alternative and Complementary Communication" ( ACC) was held under this motto. The program of the event is practice-oriented, the speakers were international experts from Poland, Canada, Israel and Russia. The conference was attended by 129 participants practicing ACC.

On June 17, 2021, on the basis of Kobrin district socio- pedagogical center ( SPC)

CPA «World without Borders»

Our objectives:

1. To provide comprehensive assistance and support to children and adolescents who need it, as well as their families;

2. To familiarize the personnel of special institutions, as well as all the stakeholders with alternative forms of work;

3. To approbate and dissemine the best practices aimed at improving the lives of children and adolescents;

4. To assist in strengthening the authority and role of the family, enhancing the psychological and pedagogical culture of parents.

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