• Charitable public association "World without Borders"
    works with four closed type institutions for teengers in conflict with the law
  • Charitable public association "World without Borders"
    works with children with severe and multiple developmental disorders living in house-boarding institutions
  • Charitable public association "World without Borders"
    works with 10 house-boarding institutions for children with physical and mental disabilities
Charitable public association "World without Borders" has been kindly looking after the needy children for many years.We conduct meaningful charitable actions and organise unique creative projects.

The trouble has crept imperceptibly ... No one was expecting this... Obviously, no one was ready for this. Once again, one can recall the classic, with his famous quote about the similarity of happy situations and the personality of misfortune.

 Exactly 20 years ago our organization “ World Without Borders” was registered. In a slightly different way, we were planning  to mark this important milestone in our development

 “World without Borders” highly appreciated the initiatives of Belarusian telecom operators related to supporting Belarusian medical workers in this difficult period of time providing free Internet traffic and equipment.

This year WWB has started the implementation of the new project “The teenager in conflict with the law: from conflict to inclusion”. The experience of СPA "WWB" in the framework of the previous activities is based on the development of the project idea.

For more than 10 years, “World without Borders”, with the help of the Swedish charity foundation “ERIKS Development Partner”, has been working on the protection of the rights of children with disabilities, especially the right to a family, independence and non-discrimination.

An important component of the implementation of the project “To know in order to Help” is the creation of a methodological manual on how to teach the children with disabilities to their rights.

CPA «World without Borders»

Our objectives:

1. To provide comprehensive assistance and support to children and adolescents who need it, as well as their families;

2. To familiarize the personnel of special institutions, as well as all the stakeholders with alternative forms of work;

3. To approbate and dissemine the best practices aimed at improving the lives of children and adolescents;

4. To assist in strengthening the authority and role of the family, enhancing the psychological and pedagogical culture of parents.

Our donors

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