General information

“World without Borders” is an international charitable public association which has been working with children in difficult situations since 2000.

The association is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on April 3, 2000 (number of registration: No. 01414)

Our goal: social, material and charitable assistance to children and teenagers, their families as well as to organizations which provide assistance in carrying out these tasks, receiving and distributing humanitarian aid.

 WWB contributes to the development and implementation of national and regional programs aimed at improving the living conditions of children and teenagers.

Motto: A small expression of love can cause big changes.

Our main sponsor is the Swedish charity organisation “ERIKS Development Partner” (before “Erikshjalpen”).

Geography of foreign partnership: Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Russian Federation, France, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Italy, etc. 

Partnership geography in the country: Minsk, all regional centers, Bereza, Gorodische, Baranovichi, Polotsk, Bogushevsk, Vesnovo, Glusk, Kirovsk, Rechitsa, Petrikov, Dobrush, Slonim, Vasilishki, Salihorsk, Cherven, Molodechno, Bobruisk, Mozyr, Ivenets, Volozhin, Krivichi and others.

Our achievements:

  • With the help of various measures, more than 50 residents of the house-boarding institutions were restored in their legal capacity, and more than 200 children with disabilities and more than 500 children in conflict with the law, including graduates of the closed-type institutions were re-socialized.

  • More than 600 educational specialists and about 400 social protection specialists got acquainted with new approaches and new methods of work in their professional activities. 

  • About 100 specialists, heads of the institutions and representatives of the governing authorities got new knowledge and exchanged experience abroad.

  • More than 2 896 000 Euros have been attracted to the country (since 2006), of which 25% have been invested in education and social protection of children (strengthening the material and technical base of the institutions)

  • 100% of special closed-type educational institutions, 100% of the house-boarding institutions for children and young people with disabilities, 10% of social-pedagogical institutions, 10% of the establishments providing social services were active participants in our programs. 

  • Opening of the first hostel in the country in Polotsk for temporary accommodation of graduates of boarding houses, organization of their professional and social integration. Developing care approaches for children with severe and multiple developmental disabilities in boarding schools have been introduced.

  • Creating a roadmap for the deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities, social protection systems residing in boarding houses. 

  • In a number of institutionseducation tested and implemented case management approaches in working with children in conflict with the law. Their implementation has reduced the number of people surfacing in closed institutions. 54 teenagers in two regions in relation to whom stood the issue of institutionalization, positively overcome their destructive behavior without placement in institutions.

Over the course of the work, invaluable experience has been accumulated and several techniques have been introduced, fully or partially, which have become part of the practice of social work in the country.

In the field of assistance to children with disabilities, these are:

➢   The system of social adaptation of children with severe disabilities and their preparation for accompanied or independent living outside the house-boarding institutions;

➢    The system of work of departments (institutions) of the accompanied residing of children and young people with disabilities;

➢    Employment and accompanying employment of young people with severe disabilities;

➢    Ensuring the employment of young people with disabilities through the organization and legalization of self-employment (handicraft, individual entrepreneurship, social enterprises of people with disabilities and labor cooperation), a support center “Uzel” was created and operates (creation of business plans, legalization and financial support);

➢   Implementation of the forms of work with  children with severe and multiple developmental disorders (SMDD);

➢   Establishment of a monitoring system for the observance of the realisation of the rights of children with disabilities, a system for educating children to the rights of the child. Game manuals on these issues have been created that are widely used by different institutions working with the children with disabilities;

➢    The system of introducing children with disabilities to sports, including  non-traditional sportsfor country (bocce, novus, table tennis, etc.);

➢   A system for encouraging children with severe disabilities to be engaged in creativity through creating an inclusive environment with children in conflict with the law and with the leading Belarusian artists “Big art by the hands of small people” (theater, pantomime, original genre, photo art, vocals, dance, puppet theater, etc. .);

➢    A roadmap for the deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities from the house-boarding institutions has been worked out.

 In the area of helping children in conflict with the law, these are:

•The system of support and mentoring “Contact Person”;

•Case management systems for working with children in conflict with the law, pupils of the closed type institutions;

•Structured methods for assessing risks and opportunities, predicting further criminalization of adolescents;

•The system of social and domestic adaptation and support of pupils and graduates of the closed-type institutions;

•The system for distracting children in conflict with the law from criminal prosecution and institutionalization through the introduction of new forms of work in the community;

•Humanization of the content, regime and educational process in the closed –type institutions for children in conflict with the law;

•Creation of systems of children's self-government and implementation  in the closed-type institutions;

•Creation and implementation of a system for monitoring the observance of the rights of children in the closed-type institutions;

•Attraction of children in conflict with the law, incl. pupils and graduates of the closed-type institutions to various types of creativity popular with young people, planning and organizing positive leisure activities (street art, stand-up show, club of cheerful and resourceful which has been brought to the national level) are held annually at the regional and national level among teams of children registered with the police and who are in the risk zones as well as the pupils of the closed-type institutions (1000-1500 participants));

• Support to the pupils of the closed-type institutions.

During the existence of the organization following activities were carried out:

12 national and international festivals of creativity of children and young people with disabilities “Dreams Come True”, which were attended by about 10 thousand people as spectators;

10 republican sports contests for children and young people with disabilities in such kind of sports as bocce, athletics, football, novus, table tennis, in which more than a thousand young athletes from the house-boarding institution took part, and many of them became participants and prize-winners of the Paralympic movement later

7 creative inclusive actions “Big art by the hands of small people” in the visual, theatrical, vocal-musical, photo, original, dance, circus arts in which more than 300 children in the conflict with the law and children with disabilities took part and as a result 2 mobile exhibitions, 3 theatrical performances, 2 show programs were organised, which were attended by more than 5 thousand people as spectators;

12 KVN creative actions (“Autumn Marathon”) for teenagers in conflict with the law and pupils of the closed-type institutions were held, in which more than 6 thousand people took part.

The action "Big Art with the Hands of Little People" has been held by CPA "World Without Borders" since 2012. This is a unique event for Belarus to involve pupils of boarding homes for children with disabilities and educational institutions of art, contributing to the development of their creative abilities.  

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the staff and volunteers of CPA "World Without Borders", visit the children and teenagers in these institutions, bringing joy and creating beautiful memories at such a special time of year. Our volunteers travel with popular artists and bring presents.
Since 2012, within the framework of the action "Our Children" CPA “World without Borders” holds an annual New Year charity event. On the eve of the New Year holidays, children from boarding institutions of the Republic of Belarus are congratulated by representatives of ministries and departments and also Belarusian pop stars.