Социальные услуги для подростков

Social Services for Teens in Contact with the Law

Project duration: 21.01.2019 - 21.05.2019

Implementing organizations:

UNICEF, CPA "World Without Borders", State Educational Institution "Socio-Pedagogical Center of Baranovichi", State Educational Institution "Socio-Pedagogical Center with the Shelter of Leninsky District of Minsk"

Target groups of the project:

Children and adolescents in contact with the law, including the most vulnerable groups, as well as their legal representatives, representatives of governmental bodies, specialists and administration of social and educational centers, specialists working with children and families in a socially dangerous situation, including from public organizations, representatives of local authorities, heads of educational institutions etc.

The main goal of the project is to create a prototype of a counseling center for children and adolescents in contact with the law at 2 Socio-pedagogical Centers and expand the range of services and forms of assistance they offer for the children.

Project objectives:

  • expansion of the range of services of social, pedagogical and psychological assistance to minors in contact with the law in the selected regions; 

  • ensuring the rights of children to receive timely qualified social, pedagogical, psychological and other assistance from state institutions with the involvement of the resources of civil society and other subjects of prevention of neglect and delinquency of minors;

  • expansion of the range of applied forms and methods of working with adolescents in contact with the law for specialists selected by the centers and creation of children's project support groups in the regions.

Description of activities:

1. Opening of a counseling centers for adolescents in contact with the law in 2 regions at Socio- pedagogical centers:

  •  provision of advisory services in the situation of a teenager's contact with the law;

  •  description of the content of the service .

2. Training of specialists working on the subject of the project in the Socio- pedagogical centers: trainings, seminars etc.

3. Creation of a support for the project children's group "There is a way out" in the regions for adolescents in contact with the law. 

Project implementation

For the implementation of the project, 2 regions were selected from among the cities that are friendly to children: Baranovichi and Minsk (Leninsky district).

In these regions on the basis of the local Commissions for minors, it is planned to create a project coordination group with the inclusion of an interdisciplinary team of specialists in its work, which will be a part of the specified advisory center.

On the basis of Socio-Pedagogical centers, equip and ensure the functioning of the advisory center, conduct a series of seminars and trainings for regional specialists to familiarize them with the basics of the work and the proposed additional services.

Develop a mechanism for referring (redirecting) adolescents to the center, attracting its specialists  for help in situations when adolescents have  come into contact with the law, as well as disseminating information about the center's work among potential consumers.

Implementing these measures.

Create children's support groups for the project "There is a Way Out" in the selected regions on  the bass of Socio- pedagogical centers and ensure their functioning.

Expand the list of services (including package services) for children of the specified target groups in the specified Socio- pedagogical centers including the following:

Diagnostics of a child by assessing the risks of further criminalization and opportunities for rehabilitation and resocialization (RDS) - from 8 to 16 hours per child.

Developing a care plan with a teenager, parents and a multidisciplinary team of specialists - 4 hours.

Self-help groups for teens - 24 sessions each 3 hours.

Identification of risk factors and protective factors in family education and development of recommendations and a plan to overcome risk factors or enhance protective factors (monitoring in the family, brainstorming, development of recommendations and monitoring of the initial stage of implementation) - 8-16 hours per family.

Substitution of aggression and skill development training - 18 to 36 hours per group of 4 to 6 teenagers.

Preparation of conclusions on the Risk and capability assessment method on the request of the courts and the Commissions for minors in the situation of preparation for the consideration of criminal cases and cases of directing children to special educational and medical institutions.

Counseling in a situation of contact with the law (legal, social and pedagogical).

Implementation of mediation services in resolving non-criminal conflicts.

Implementation of mediation services in dealing with administrative and criminal offenses within the jurisdiction of Commissions for minors.

Implementation of mediation services at the request of criminal investigation, prosecution and judicial authorities.

Simulation trainings and multifunctional programs - at least 3 days for 5-15 children.