Children talk about style and create a mood collage


2 March 2023
The 2nd lesson was held with a professional image stylist Natalya Gorelko in the socio-pedagogical center of the Leninsky district of Minsk. This time, teens bombarded the expert with even more questions, discussions were held on the following topics: How and why did Natalia become a stylist? What is the image made of? What is the color of the image and how does it affect the perception of the individual? We talked a lot about color. Interesting findings were made: • each color has a psychological impact, so it matters what color clothes are chosen - it makes a certain impression; • the image is made up of a person's facial expressions, what he is wearing and what color, and also depends on the location of the person (in other words, how appropriate, the image is correctly chosen for a particular case, event or context of what is happening); • if you want to attract someone's attention, make an impression, then it is recommended to focus on the eyes: choose the colors of clothes or accessories (in the portrait zone) that emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes. Natalia prepared a very creative and entertaining task: to make a moodboard (“mood collage”) based on elements of clothing, accessories and details cut from glossy magazines). It turned out to be a real session of color therapy!