The Art of Inclusion is a Set of Practices for Mixed Projects


21 April 2022
Toolkit "ART OF INCLUSION “ is an introduction to the practice of conducting mixed projects and it is a result of a joint international project "The Art of Inclusion - Incubator for Youth with Different Opportunities", which took place in Szklarska Poręba (Poland) on September 12-17, 2021.
27 representatives of public organizations / institutions from 20 countries: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Malta, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Poland studied the topic about inclusive projects, exchanged and discussed ideas on activities that bring together young people with and without disabilities, got acquainted with innovative tools/methods for the inclusion of young people with disabilities.
Mixed projects are projects that involve young people with and without disabilities. Activities for young people with different abilities are a concern for all stakeholders. However, unfortunately, there are many prejudices and stereotypes regarding mixed activities. Negative attitude, fear of working with young people with disabilities, as it “requires” special knowledge and means.
All these stereotypes can be overcome with the help of mixed projects, so knowledge and skills are needed for effective implementation of such projects.
For example, within the framework of the project, just children without any disabilities learned how to help young people with disabilities to be active and participate in outdoor activities - cycling, marathons, mountain hikes with the help of a special wheelchair called La Joelette.
When young people with different abilities participate in projects together, inclusion becomes a reality.