Territory of summer in Petrikov


10 July 2018

From June 10 to June 14, 2018, a summer action "Territory of summer" was held in support of the students of Petrikov professional college of closed type. 

During the event, group discussions "About a healthy lifestyle" were held. Conversations were conducted by volunteers of the organization and participants of the action. We are absolutely positive that these talks will increase the motivation and aspirations of the students for self-development. 

The event also contributed to the disclosure of the creative potential of girls. For this purpose, a number of activities were envisaged: presentation of teams, a creative evening, as well as a creative laboratory for the production of CreativeLab greeting cards. Camp activities were also aimed at developing imaginative thinking, social interaction skills. 

A traditional camp game "Shop" was a success as always. Each of the volunteers organized their own thematic station, on the passage of which the girls received "money", which could be exchanged for things from the assortment of our organized shop. The purpose of this activity is to try once again in the game form to bring to the teenagers the idea that nothing falls from the sky so and to get something, you need to work hard and do your brest. Sweets and yummies were, of course, of particular popularity in the shop! 

During this week, teams and groups have become attached to the mentors-volunteers and it was very difficult to part, but you need to leave, because there are still camps ahead, and in other institutions the team of "World without Borders" is also very much awaited!

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