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1 August 2019

Within the framework of the meeting of the working group of the Step towards project discussed questions of the search for substitute families for orphans who are being raised at the Ivenets house-boarding institutions.

All participants actively exchanged ideas and suggestions on preparing recommendations for professionals working with the family.
This question is very important. The family are going to host the child with disabilities must receive special training. First of all these parents should be aware of the child's characteristics and its prospects in the future.
Families who have experience raising the child with a disability can become mentors for families who, for the first time, take responsibility for such children on the principle of “peer educates peer.”

In order to expand the possibilities of finding families for children with disabilities, it is necessary to conduct an information campaign in different directions: to talk about children who need a family, about families who already raise such children and about the social support system for such families. Every family can handle it.
For this to happen responsible services need to be in contact with this family, don’t let it close, hear there problems and provide support in time.

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