Cheerful days


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2 August 2019

The action was attended by 9 volunteers of our organization and more than 60 pupils of the institution. Every day the students could communicate with volunteers, share their difficulties and experiences, talk about plans for the future, dream of joint activities and simply trusted their secrets. Sometimes, communication with a person who can listen to and understand you inspires and motivates more than communication in a large group. It is always very pleasant to realize that such people are our volunteers. They just listened, shared stories, talked about what difficulties they met their life and what helped to move on. In order to find a person to their liking, and in the future to become a contact person, they played games with teens, conducted exercises, and organized contests.

Every day there were competitions between groups. Someone won the relay races, someone united between the teams and won in the “Capture the flag”, in the sports game “Two Captains” the guys fought the whole team for their leader. The most important thing is that everyone was involved in the action, and if someone could not participate due to health problems, then volunteers just talked to them so that teenagers would not be sad. On the last night of the activity, all the teenagers were able to sit around the fire, sing songs with a guitar, chat and fry bread.

Many thanks to the team of volunteers who spent so much time with teenagers, helped organize general events, conducted them themselves, and simply responded to help. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

We would like to express special gratitude to the director of this institution, Andrei Dubanevich, for kindness, understanding, for participating in the action, for a warm welcome and an open heart.

And here are a few reviews from the students:

"Thanks! I express my gratitude to the volunteers for the excellent (wonderful, best, cool, unforgettable) pastime. Thank you for your kindness, sincerity, understanding, friendliness, generosity, responsiveness, care, affection. Do good! Love, miss, wait!” Alex

“Thank you for this week! Thank you for being with us and for having us. Thank you so much for the holidays !!!” Oleg

"Thanks. I thank you for what you are doing for me and for everyone. Thank you very much. And a small request: can you stay for at least 1 day more, a small day. We love you.” Vyacheslav

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