92 days of summer


24 July 2019

Every year, the summer activity in Petrikov goes very sincerely. Girls are disposed to communication, they make contact with new volunteers faster, take an active part in all events. This year was no exception, every new day brought a lot of smiles, happiness on the faces of not only students, but also volunteers.

All events contributed to the disclosure of the creative potential of students. On the first day, all groups were supposed to come up with the name of the teams, the motto and some small representation of her in the evening conversation. It turned out a lot of fun, interesting and creative. On the second day, the girls themselves made brooches, chose the shape and color. On the one hand, it is not at all difficult, but it was necessary to study, which is time-consuming. On the third day, all the girld sewed soft toys for themselves, and then called them the names of the volunteers, they explained this by the fact that they wanted the volunteers to be always there. On the fourth day, we helped the girls develop culinary abilities when they helped organize the barbecue: the girls cleaned sausages, chopped cucumbers with tomatoes, set the table, and much more. On the last day, the girls showed their creative skills in a festive concert. They sang, danced, acted - showed all their talents on stage. Every day the students learned something new, showed their talents, helped each other in this or that activity, and developed their creative abilities.

During the action, the girls competed among themselves in sporting events. The most memorable was the search for treasure. The whole team had to go through different stations, guess the key phrase and find the key to the chest. The team that was more united, friendly and quick was the first to find the key. The rest received a lot of positive emotions.

On the last day volunteers and students expressed gratitude to everyone who took part in the action. It was difficult to restrain from tears, because no one wanted to leave, and time flew by very quickly. Memories will warm the soul of each participant for a long time to come.

The girls left their reviews:

“I don’t know whether you liked it or not, but believe me, we are delighted! All 5 days we had fun, played, sang, danced, talked, had fun. I don’t want to single out something separate, because I liked everything, everything was interesting, tasty, healthy and exciting. Thank you guys for the communication, support, for coming. After all, it’s not so easy to break away from your family, your affairs and much more, but you were able to give us a lot of positive emotions, someone took something for yourself from our conversations. If it weren’t for your organization, then our days would be monotonous, boring, and due to the fact that it is there, we can at least feel a little like ordinary children. Yes, we have committed the offenses for which we are here, but everyone has the right to make a mistake. Thanks you! I will never forget this camp. I hope that we will meet again. Know that we really need you. You are our appearance of light at the end of the tunnel, you are a piece of all the best. Hope you enjoyed the time with us. You are the best! ”Diana

“We love you all very much, know this. It’s very fun and good with you, I really want you to stay longer, but this is impossible. We will always be waiting for you, we love your games very much, it is very nice to communicate with you. Good luck! ”Vika

“I want to thank you very much for these 5 days of the camp, even if it’s not in the most pleasant place, but still I liked it. And since I have never been to camps at all, this camp is the coolest for me, I will remember it for a long time. With you, a part of my stay here went pretty quickly, everything was very good. I will not particularly highlight anyone, you are all very cool. I really liked it. Your Team. I love you very much! ”Vika

“At least I know you a little, but I can say that you are all the best volunteers. It is a pleasure to spend time with you. I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone, there is no better among you. You are all gorgeous, it’s nice to talk with you, play and just have a great time. I want these days not to end. Pasha and Nastya, I love you very much. You can talk with Timka, he’s just like a soft toy, Anya is very funny and the very best, Andrey is our best DJ, we all love you, Pasha is the best dance teacher, you’ll be lucky for your children, Nastya - you are our sun that always shines . In general, if I now begin to list all, then there will not be enough paper. All the best to all. Write to us, come, we are always waiting for you with a hug. I love you all, I kiss you deeply, firmly and I hope that we will meet again. ”Lena

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