Contact persons are throwing the boomerangs of good!

20 February 2018

On February 20 and 22, 2018 contact persons visited the three special educational institutions of closed type: Mogilev special school of closed type, Mogilev special college of closed type, Krivichi special college of closed type. The trips were timed to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. The interactive program was held in three institutions in an informal atmosphere in the form of talk shows. The groups of pupils were offered provocative questions that they discussed, after they presented the opinion of the groups, and then in the form of a talk show we got feedback from the experts which where psychologists, social teachers, contact persons also staff members of the institutions. The boys discussed whether the army is needed the modern world; whether women should be allowed to serve in the army if they wish; alternative civilian service; talked about such a concept as a "boomerang of good". Our expectations were met, and as a result we had a very active discussion where everyone had an opportunity to express his or her opinion, where the variety of opinions arose. After the interactive program, contact persons communicated with pupils, motivational talks, as well as individual consultations were held. Our future defenders also enjoyed the sweet treats prepared for them!

We really hope that the boomerangs of good will return to the boys!

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