Aggression replacement training - for the first time in Belarus!

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5 March 2018

Training for the replacement of aggression (ART) - a technique for working with adolescents with behavioral problems or prone to criminalization or marginalization, suggesting cognitive behavioral intervention, teaching clients to cope with their aggressive behavior and develop their communication skills. The ART program was presented in the Republic of Belarus for the first time. The training took place in three stages: a two-day theoretical seminar, a five-day practical course and an examination.

The program was coached by Knut Gundersen is a professor at the University College of Diakonhemmet, head of the ART Center in Norway, the leading trainer for this program in Europe. Born in 1950, Professor of the University College of Dyakonhemmet, Sandnes, Norway. He is the author of 23 books and articles in the field of social competence and ecological therapy, a participant in a large number of international conferences in 14 different countries. He was responsible for the preparation and implementation of social competence training programs in Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, England and Russia. He is the author of two programs in this field: elimination of learning problems and training in social perception. Since 2011, he is president of the International Association PREPSEC, an international organization promoting programs in the field of social emotional competence. He is also a member of the ENSEC network and a member of the editorial board of the IJEE magazine.

The theoretical seminar was held on November 1-2, 2017 on the basis of the State Educational Institution "Academy of Postgraduate Education". More than 100 pedagogical workers of various educational institutions of our country took part in the event: specialists of social and pedagogical centers, deputy directors for educational work and employees of SPPS of closed educational institutions, specialists of SPPS of educational institutions studying at courses at the APO, and other persons interested in the subject of the seminar. At the end of the seminar the participants received certificates. All interested persons were offered to fulfill the qualification task for participation in the second part of the seminar - a five-day practical course, which allows using ART in their work.

Specialists from 6 regions (Mogilev, Baranovichi, Petrikov, Soligorsk, Polotsk, Dobrush) were selected according to the results of the applications. The training took place from 23 to 27 January 2018. Participants in practice worked out three components included in the training program for the replacement of aggression:

  • training of social skills,
  • training of anger control,
  • training of moral qualities.
Training of social skills allowed teachers to learn how to form the most important social skills in adolescents:

  • how to resist the pressure of the group,
  • how to cope with failures,
  • how to defend one's position,
  • how to recognize someone else's anger, etc.

Anger control training has shown how to recognize situations that cause anger, as well as ways to regulate it.

The training of moral qualities revealed some complex cases from the life of adolescents on the other hand. Teachers tried to look at the world and the events occurring in it from the position of the child. This component of the program creates self-confidence, responsibility, self-control, the ability to find a compromise, etc.

After a five-day course, participants had a month to prepare for the exam and train their knowledge in their educational institutions. The exam was held on February 28, 2018. All specialists successfully passed the exam and obtained certificates of their approval as ART-trainers.

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