"Such fragile dreams" come true !!!


20 December 2017

From December 16 to December 20, 2017, the final theatrical master class was held within the framework of the action "Great Art with the Hands of Small People".

In 2017, on the initiative of our friends — representatives of the M.Gorky Academic Drama Theatre — our guys once again plunged into the magical world of the theatre. For a whole year, residents of 9 house-boarding institutions for children and young people with disabilities and 4 educational and treatment institutions of a closed type were preparing to stage the play "Such Fragile Dreams", created especially for our children by Alexander Vergunov. Each participant of the project made enormous efforts to make a miracle happen. Every month the participants gathered for master classes and trainings from all over the country, learned the amazing world of drama and puppet theatre, mastered the skills of scenic movement and plastics, developed stage speech, worked on vocals, rehearsed at various venues and directly on the stage of the theatre itself. And this is not the whole list of the work done. In the breaks between the master classes, local educators and musical leaders continued their preparatory work with the participants. 

All the work was done to ensure that on December 19, the dream would come true! The dream of children! In anticipation of the bright Christmas holiday, this topic responded in a special way in the hearts of the public and the audience: many could not hold back tears. 

We set ourselves the task of making the performance a loud informational occasion for our country. A press conference at the National Press Center, the presence of mass media, representatives of ministries and departments, representatives of the deputy corpus, the Ambassador of Sweden and members of diplomatic missions of foreign countries will promote the rights and legal interests of children and young people in conflict with the law and children and young people with disabilities both in society and at different levels of decision-making.

Talented, not indifferent people, to whom we say a huge THANKS helped us fulfil the dream: Anastasia Shpakovskaya, Alexander Vergunov, Sergey Yurevich, Inna Gonchar, Dmitry Rachkouski, Natalya Kudashkina, Vladimir Kasperovich, Elena Kovaleva, Alyona Dubovik, Artem Androsov, Alexander Shablyko, Andrey Popkov, Elena Shvedko, Yuri Arzamastsev, Tatyana Kukhto, Alexander Stasevich, Anastasia Tarachenko , Nadezhda Brutskaya, Larisa Kalinovskaya, Inna Aksenova, Vladimir Glotov, Elena Dubrovskaya, Andrei Senkin, Pavel Yevtushenko, employees of the sewing, dressing, requisitioning, fitting shops of the M.Gorky National Academic Drama Theatre, Belarusian State Puppet Theatre and many others.