Seminar for volunteers and contact persons


21 November 2017


he seminar brought together more than 30 volunteers and contact persons from all over the country. It was not just a training seminar, but also a good time to communicate with each other.

 On the first day, when everyone gathered, and there were not only experienced volunteers who have been going hand in hand for many years with us, but also the guys who are just entering our ranks, there were a number of trainings for acquaintance. The training seminar assumes not only the theory, but also the practice, which participants of the event will then use in their work with adolescents.

Acquaintance is a very important part of any event, it is from the first minutes that the atmosphere in the team is created, the participants get an impression of each other and the ice is melting between them. Our favorite psychologist helps us to melt the ice - Natalia Markovna Nemkevich. All the trainings were aimed at expanding the opportunities for establishing contact in various communication situations, developing skills for understanding other people, themselves, as well as relationships between people, mastering the skills of effective listening, enhancing the process of self-knowledge and building healthy relationships. Participants were presented with current projects of the organization and offered all kinds of volunteer activities.

 In the process of working in groups, conditions were created for rallying, emotional emancipation of group members, awareness of their communicative skills and ways of interaction. In the group there was a positive emotional working atmosphere, the rules of voluntariness, activity, confidentiality, respect for opinion, and non-price judgments were observed. Participants showed openness, interest, activity in the performance of tasks, reflection of exercises and discussion of problems of communication and interaction with adolescents. According to the program, special attention was paid to the formation of communication skills, awareness of the feelings and needs of adolescents in the communication process, mastering the ways of non-verbal communication.

 The seminar was attended by specialists from the social and pedagogical center, a psychologist from the special school, who answered the questions of contact persons. This meeting is special because it is not officially - businesslike, but in a simple and easy atmosphere it allows you to get answers to all the questions. It should be noted the high activity, motivation and effectiveness of participants in the process of developing social and psychological technologies for working with adolescents. Feedback from participants showed that they received useful information about the ways of communicating with adolescents; realized the importance of the experience of acceptance and trust in communicating with adolescents; received answers to problematic questions; experience in effective communication; they realized their own communication skills; learned interesting and useful exercises that can be conducted with adolescents.

To work out the skills of interaction of a contact friend with a teenager, they were modeled and lost by participants in the situation of the first meeting with a teenager. Participants lost the situation from the life of adolescents in order to understand the causes and motives of adolescent offenses, their age characteristics, needs and feelings. In pairs, they made contact with a teenager, looked for ways to help create confidence, and placed a teenager in a conversation with openness and dialogue. Participants, working in small groups, identified the problems that can arise in the process of communicating with a teenager: aggressiveness, secrecy, unwillingness to speak, inability to express one's thoughts, misunderstanding of the question, fear of talking, so as not to seem ridiculous. Ways were developed for effective communication with the adolescent at the first meeting and the rules for conducting a conversation to establish contact.

After productive work during the day, all participants could communicate in the evening. Spend good time helping the board games and a friendly atmosphere, which lasted from the first minutes of the seminar and until the moment of parting with each other. Some participants decided to leave their feedback:

"Thank you, for this trip. For this wonderful place where we lived. I went a second time to the seminar, but there were many questions: what will happen? How's it going? What we are going to do? And many other questions. As soon as I arrived there, the excitement disappeared. Immediately felt the family atmosphere. A large number of games helped to liberate, and I completely gave myself to them, to somehow relax, to understand what they want to show through these entertainments. I liked the evening gatherings. Time passed quickly and did not want to leave. "

"Everything was very cool, useful, exciting and fun. Good program and friendly people. For myself, I learned a lot, since I'm new. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such events. I want to visit more often. A lot of good memories. "

We express our gratitude to all participants of the event. Thanks to our volunteers for your work, care and warmth to our teenagers. We hope that this event was useful, productive, informative and easy. See you soon at our events!

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