The most long-awaited event of spring happened!

26 March 2018

From March 26 to March 30, 2018, the Forum of participants of the project "TEEN in the center" was held in the recreational center "Brigantina". The event was attended by pupils of closed institutions and their accompanying persons, graduates of closed institutions, children of the target group, specialists of the social pedagogical centers, contact friends and employees of WWB.

This year's forum aimed to determine the activity strategies for the current year, to develop problem fields and ways to resolve them within the framework of the project, to exchange work experience and good practices, to increase the degree of re-socialization of pupils of special educational institutions and the quality of preventive work.

The program included training sessions, sports and creative events. During the training sessions, during which non-formal education methods, interactive games, psychological exercises and techniques, role-playing games and other tools for working with the group were used, it became possible to unite mixed teams of teenagers, as well as to ensure positive interaction, create an atmosphere of trust and psychological comfort. During all five days, the guys worked in subgroups of 9-10 people, consisting of both pupils of closed type institutions and adolescents from the categories from Soligorsk and Baranovichi and graduates of closed educational institutions.

The first block of the program was about getting to know each other and creation of a favorable atmosphere of interaction, understanding and trust, which was realized in the form of the psychological game "Melt the ice". After the game the conference on the topic "Why do young people violate the law and how to prevent it” was held. At the conference, each delegation was represented by one member who delivered the report to the audience. The teenagers discussed the following questions: Why do teenagers violate the law?, What could help the teenager not to commit such acts?, Why did not the measures taken did not help?, How to improve the assistance to teenagers in the period of their stay in a closed institution: the regime, activities, individual and group programs, training, etc.? How to improve assistance to teenagers after returning from a closed institution: types of care, its content, who can help?.

The second part of the forum was devoted to the work on a point system for assessing and encouraging the achievements of pupils in special educational institutions of closed type. The guys discussed the experience of various institutions, as well as the advisability of using penalties (fines) against pupils of special institutions. Each team has developed its own point system, a list of actions / achievements for which points should be awarded, as well as a list of penalties. At the end of the work in the teams, a "fair" was organized for each team's work. Each team presented its own material developed in the course of training activities. And later, by means of discussion and voting, common approaches and requirements to the point system of achievements and the system of using fines were worked out.

The third block of the work of the forum was devoted to approbation of the jointly developed point system for assessing achievements and the system of using fines. The teenagers were carried away by the process of assessment of their achievements and behavior, they did their best and actively interacted, were interested in the results achieved, discussed and analyzed their behavior.

During the fourth block of the forum, the participants worked on the application of unacceptable methods of educational influence on minors in special institutions.

At the event, a favorable open and trustful working atmosphere was created for the cooperation of all participants, contributing to their activity. Joint activities allowed the teeenagers to gain experience in achieving team goals and objectives. Achievement of success allowed to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance of each team member, teenagers could openly express their thoughts and feelings, communicate and empathize, support each other.


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