A national training and methodological seminar for prosecutors.

18 June 2018

The General Prosecutor's Office held a national training and methodological seminar for prosecutors directly supervising the implementation of the legislation on minors and youth. The agenda was the effectiveness of preventive work with adolescents who have come into conflict with the law, including their rehabilitation in special institutions. 

Opening the event, Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Lashin said: "It is important for the prosecution authorities to ensure not only the legality of making decisions on placing minors in such institutions, but also guarantee the proper conditions for staying in them." 

Elena Golovneva, Deputy Head of the department for social, educational and ideological work of the Ministry of Education, Vitaly Yanchin, Head of the department for the organization of work on inspections of minors, and Larisa Lichkovskaya, Head of the reception and distribution unit for minors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tatsiana Payeuskaya, Chairperson and Alexei Ananenko, Deputy Chairperson of CPA "World without Borders" and others shared their experience and good practices with the participants of the seminar. 

Prosecutors got acquainted with the activities of the receiver-distributor for minors of the the Department of internal affairs of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee and of Krivichi special medical-educational college of closed type, and had an opportunity to talk to teenagers. 

During the seminar, problematic issues of rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, including those related to their use of psychoactive substances, placement for a short time in special institutions, and the creation there of proper conditions for their upbringing and maintenance, were considered. Particular emphasis is placed on the work of prevention services in the support of life of adolescents after returning to their families. 

Participants of the seminar also determined that with the onset of summer holidays their attention will be focused on ensuring the safety of minors during work and leisure activities.