Autumn Marathon-2017

28 November 2017

The "Autumn Marathon" campaign has been held since 1999 and has evolved from visits by KVN stars and stage artists to places of detention to the full format of the festival and competition among gay and resourceful children from all over the country who differ from their peers by their behavior or fate. The KVN action has been uniting the guys, who are called "difficult" for a number of years, and trying to teach them positive ways to solve their life problems. Through joining the movement of cheerful and resourceful children, they learn in practice alternatives to asocial forms of behavior. And it looks like it turns out ... As one of the team members said: "The second time I come to this action, but now at a crossroads: my inspector said, which removes me from the register and does not worry about my further behavior ... But what about KVN? Could not I be more engaged in this exciting activity? A joke ... Of course, I will continue to participate in the KVN and I think it's getting pretty good for me. "

The regional teams of children "Capital" (Minsk), "On style" (Molodechno district of Minsk region), "Polesye DNA" (Gomel), "Orange level" (Mogilev), "Little Chicago" took part in the competition program of this year. (Slonim Grodno region), "One extra" (Vitebsk region). And also an important element of the action is the participation in it of children who are in closed educational institutions who committed crimes before the age of criminal responsibility, children who have a rich criminal experience in the past, but are trying to return to full law-abiding life - the team "School time" ( Mogilev special school of closed type), "SPECIAL" (Mogilev special school), "BEMS" (Krivichskoye LVTSTU), "Object of attention" (Petrikov SPTU).

The action was supported at the level of the Council of Ministers of our country, as well as within the framework of the State Program "Education".

Opponents of children's teams became, perhaps, the most venerable to date team of KVN Belarus - "Best Friends". In the international movement of cheerful and resourceful Belarusian initiative is a unique format. Our know-how in this is confirmed, of course, and the last years the action is held under the patronage of the International Union of KVN. Therefore, the greeting of the head of the AMIC Alexander Maslyakov did not become a surprise for the children.

Absolute, you can say shocking for the participants were the words of support from such teams as "ORDER 390" (FSIN RF), "Plushki them. Yaroslav Gashek "(Tver) and the stars of KVN, TV presenter and actress Olga Kartunkova. "I congratulate all of you with the fact that your teams reached the finals of this unique Belarusian KVN tournament !!!" Olga said. "Play in the KVN! And you will get a lot of fun, new impressions and wonderful friends! This is a good initiative for the guys who decided to indulge in the law !!! "- as an order sounded parting words from the command of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation with the same ukazuyuschim title. "Guys play in the KVN! KVN helped us in life, it will help you in life! Win in the KVN! It's very fun and always come in handy! Do not throw KVN! Unfortunately, we could not come (we are getting ready for the final), but we are with you!

It was very difficult for the jury, which included representatives of show business, KVN and the public: A. Vergunov, E. Volchek, P. Zabavsky, A. Khlestov and others.

At the end of the competition, the Grand Prix won three teams: "Polesye DNA", "Little Chicago" and the youngest team "School time".

Nominations were distributed as follows


"For a very deep meaning and very subtle humor" - "Capital" (Minsk),

"Masters of Creativity" - "On Style" (Molodechno District, Minsk Region),

"Kings of the warm-up" - "Orange level" (Mogilev),

"Kings of video" - "One extra" (Vitebsk region),

"For the will to win" - "SPECIAL" (Mogilev CPSU),

"Voice Team" - "BEMS" (Krivichskoye LVTSTU),

"Jury's sympathies" - "Object of attention" (Petrikovsky SPTU),

"The best actor of the game" - Glinsky Andrew ("School time"),

"The best actress of the game" - Adamchik Alesya ("Little Chicago").

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