"A Week of Good Deeds!" in the Mogilev special school

25 June 2018

From June 25 to June 29, 2018, the summer action "Week of Good Deeds!" was held in support of the pupils from the Mogilev  special school of closed type. 
This year's theme of the campaign was chosen not by chance. During previous visits, we drew attention to the disrespectful and sometimes even aggressive behavior of pupils towards each other. Therefore, it was decided to pay special attention to the formation of moral qualities of the person in teenagers: respectful attitude, tolerance, kindness; the development of positive interpersonal relationships; the consolidation of generally accepted rules of conduct, the manifestation of good feelings and deeds. Good deeds were encouraged by stickers "The Good Doer". 
In the course of the event, motivational discussions "On a healthy lifestyle" were held. The discussions were conducted by volunteers of the organization and participants of the action - students of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, who chose to devote their lives to sports and a healthy lifestyle. We are confident that these talks will increase the motivation and aspirations of the pupils for self-development, including in the sporting direction. 

Volunteers also conducted master classes in volleyball and boxing. The program of the School of Trials and Discoveries, which is aimed at increasing self-confidence and self-reliance, on developing communication skills, rallied the teams and strengthened the relationships in the team of pupils, and also gave the children the opportunity to show their wit and use creative approaches to solving problems. 
Participants received new skills and will be able to find a way out of life situations, which at first sight seem hopeless. The reflection and analysis, which are an integral part of the School of Trials and Discoveries , allowed each participant to look at themselves, others, and relationships in a new way.