Behavior watchers


25 February 2019

Every person, and especially a child, and especially a "special" person sometimes behaves differently than is customary in a given situation.
But what if the usual methods and tools can not affect such problematic or undesirable behavior? What to do if it is very difficult to understand where it comes from, how to react to it and how to help? We were looking for answers to these and other bothering questions regarding the problem of behavior of children and young people with disabilities from 20 to 22 February in Gomel house-boarding school during the practical training "Basics of behavioral analysis in working with children with behavioral disorders."
We tried to understand how to get rid of the fear of getting a haircut, why Zhenya was running away from a walk, what “governing control” means, why it is important to keep personal space and how observation will help us in solving many problems.
Three days of intensive mental and manual work paid off! Thanks to the workshops, the house-boarding school staff learned the basics of behavioral analysis and prepared practical tools that will help them better understand their residents.