We say: “Begin from yourself!”

12 October 2018

The group included employees from the nine house-boarding institutions for disabled children with special needs,  Glusk’s and Rechitsa’s Centers of Correctional and Developmental Education and Rehabilitation, representatives of relevant departments of the Belarusian State University, the National Institute of Advanced Training, the Institute of Inclusive Education of Maxim Tank’s Belarusian State Pedagogical University. Within the framework of the project, it is planned that future coaches will become experts in the field of children's rights and will be able to inform the staff of the house-boarding institutions, residents and their parents, legal representatives. The first seminar was devoted to the introduction of the project and team building. After the opening of the event and the welcoming speech of the Deputy Chairman "World Without Borders" Alexey Ananenko, the Project Manager Valentin Chernyakevich made detailed presentation of the project "To know in order to help". Children's rights in national and international legislation was covered by the irreplaceable expert of the project Sergey Drozdovsky, the Director of the Office for the Rights of People With Disabilities.  He also raised the issue of discrimination and stigmatization of children with disabilities.
As a coach of the seminar participated the permanent partner of the CPA "World Without Borders" Natalia Nemkevich, the psychologist, member of the European Association of Psychodrama. Under the leadership of Natalia the participants summarized the existing experience in the field of children's rights, defined the main tasks of  work, assessed own opportunities for the implementation of the legal approach on the ground and identified issues that require special attention. Natalia elaborated on each of the exercises conducted by the trainer-psychologist during the lesson, explained basic rules of their use in work with adults and children.
The motto of the seminar become the statement of  the Head of the Resource Center of the Institute of Inclusive Education of BSPU Zhanna Ovchinnikova: “Begin with yourself!” The participants of the seminar came to the conclusion that the dissemination of knowledge should begin with a personal example and the use of law-oriented approach not only in working with their pupils, but also in everyday life. We can say with confidence (confirmed by the psychologist and the analysis of the participants' questionnaires) that by the end of the seminar there was a close-knit team, ready for  open dialogue and motivated for further work. This means that the tasks have been completed. We are  looking forward to the next meeting!