Time Machine.


8 December 2018

On the 8th of December the gathering with the graduates of closed type institutions was held. We made sure that the atmosphere is very informal, since the boys came from different cities and have not met each other before. It was a second reunion with the graduates and once again it proved that such communication is needed by everyone.

We started with the get-to-know-each-other games, answered questions of each other, shared stories. And after that the cooking workshop started as we thought that this could be also a good idea to do something creative and with our own hands. So we divided into three teams to make a New Year composition from the available ingredients. On one hand, it seems to be not such a difficult task, but not everyone has much experience in the kitchen. So we observed different approaches to the task given: there were two compositions instead of one, all the efforts and creativity put into their tasty compositions. Each team presented their “work of art”. This task helped everyone to get closer to each other and made the boys do something for others, take care and give something, not just take.

After a delicious lunch, everyone travelled back in time in our memories. We tried to remember our first encounter with “World without Borders”, with volunteers, with our contact friends. We recollected seminars, gatherings, retreats and all the events, thanks to which the boys could get acquainted with our organization. We focused on positive things. All the participants wrote letters to the future themselves, something they will read after some time, analyze and draw conclusions.

The meeting ended with gifts giving that will remind teenagers not only about this event, but also about pleasant moments related to CPA “World without Borders”. Thanks to everyone who helped in holding this event and see you soon!