12 April 2019

The Ivenets house - boarding institution for children with physical disabilities prepares for creation of new opportunities for the social help to those who need it the most – the families raising children with disabilities.  


26 February 2019
Man is a dog's friend! On February 25, Bogushevsk house-boarding school was visited by dogs with their owners. More

25 February 2019
On February 20-22, practical workshop “Basics of behavioral analysis in working with children with behavioral disorders” was held in Gomel house-boarding school.


25 February 2019

On February 22 the Day of Defenders was celebrated in the Gomel house-boarding school!


23 February 2019
On February 23, 2019 a meeting of volunteers with graduates of closed-type institutions was held. More

12 February 2019

And how do you colour the gray winter weekdays?


7 February 2019

On February 3, 2019 the final event of the action "Great Art with the Hands of Small People“ of 2018 took place on the stage of OK16 art space.


21 January 2019
On January 16 - 18, 2019, the Republican Spartakiad among residents of house-boarding schools for children and young people with disabilities was held at "Stayki". More

27 December 2018
December 27, 2018 our volunteers visited students of closed type institutions in the city of Mogilev. More

15 December 2018
On the 15th of December a festive gathering of volunteers took place.  More

8 December 2018

On the 8th of December the gathering with the graduates of closed type institutions was held.


29 November 2018
On November 6, 22 and 29, a team of volunteers, together with the students of closed type institutions, tried to find answers to all kind of questions about friendship.  More

13 November 2018

On November 13-15, 2018, the creativity action “Autumn Marathon 2018” took place.


26 October 2018
On October 26-28, the final seminar for volunteers and contact persons was held as part of the project “Not nearby, but together: a contact person for teenagers at risk”. More

12 October 2018

The first seminar for the Group of Trainers in the framework of the project "To know in order to help" was held from 3 to 5 October in Holiday&Training Resort "Forum".


24 September 2018

On September 20 and 21, an internship was held in the Gomel house-boarding school on the practical application of methods for the comprehensive abilitation of children and young people with MSDD.


20 September 2018

On September 17 and 18 the seminar “Legislation on the rights of children with disabilities" in the framework of the project "To know in order to help" was held. 


3 September 2018
From 27 to 29 August, a workshop was held in Polotsk for employees of the departments of accompanied accommodation of house-boarding schools and territorial centers of social services on organizing comprehensive support for graduates of house-boarding schools for children and young people with disabilities. More

28 August 2018

Throughout the summer, employees of closed type institutions within the framework of the project "Not nearby, and together: a contact person for teenagers at risk" had working meetings.


27 August 2018

Summer charity event “You can’t ban sports life” took place in August 20-24, 2018 in Mogilev.