International Women's Day - do it eco!

7 March 2018

On March 6, one of the most unusual visits to Petrikov special closed-type college took place. This trip was timed to the International Women’s Day. We invited a project "Torba Show" to go on this special visit with us.

"Torba Show" is an educational and handicraft meeting where you can learn how to sew (eco-bags) and live (in eco-style). Leaders and project engines, Katya and Sasha, conduct master classes where you can not only talk about the irreparable harm from plastic bags, but also create an ecologically recognized alternative solution - an eco-bag! In our opinion, it is very important that pupils of special educational institutions have constant access to something they could not have experienced before. It is important that they understand that the world is huge, and for everyone there is a place and something to do. It is important to constantly expand their horizons. And it's just as important to just talk with the guys and tell them what you need to know about the life that awaits them ahead. So the "Torba Show" spoke about one of the parts of life: ecological. A long life is ahead, and let it be endowed with an understanding of how the cycle of things works, and why we are responsible for it.

Under the guidance of curators of the eco-project and contact friends who also traveled with us, each girl sewed herself a brooch in the shape of a flower as a memory of this day, and also wrote a letter to herself in the future. Envelopes with flowers and letters were collected by tutors. Before the girls go home, these envelopes will be given to them along with the other personal things. And we believe that these beautiful and touching little things can be a good start to their new history.

And of course in the end there was a table full of sweets as a treat for girls!


Photos © Torba Show