Reunion with the graduates!


23 February 2019

On February 23, 2019 a meeting of volunteers with graduates of closed-type institutions was held.

With each new meeting, there are more and more graduates wishing to join. An interesting point is that none of the graduates knew how and in what format the meeting will be held. But teenagers completely trust the organization and do not need to know the plan beforehand. Some teenagers said: "As for me, even if we didn’t do anything, I would still be glad to meet you." It is thanks to these words that you understand that it is not HOW you spend time, but WITH WHOM you spend it.

An again there was a surprise prepred for the teenagers. February, 23 in our country is celebrated as  the Day of the Motherland Defender. On this day, it is customary to congratulate men, to celebrate their courage, bravery. In this regard, together with the volunteers we suggested all participants to spend time playing laser tag. We had a wonderful time playing it! The game helps you understand people better. It is during the action that you can understand if the person can be honest,  be a part of a team and protect team members,  if the person becomes agressive or remains calm. It should be noted that the majority of graduates were honest and played fair. But there were those who throughout the game could not be honest (even among volunteers). There is nothing wrong with that, no one is perfect, and we are only striving for this.

After a lot of fun, everyone gathered to discuss the results of the game and evaluate. Everyone talked about the importance of being honest, being able to listen to others, and being able to work in a team. And only then, by joint efforts, great results can be achieved.

We want to thank the team of volunteers. They planned the event, held it and were together with the teenagers. There were those who could not come, but invited their mentees. Every single person, every single thing is important in work with young people.
We would also like to express special gratitude to the Force Recon Club ( for the fruitful cooperation, a good and sincere welcome.