Training of aggression replacement (ART)

Training of aggression replacement (ART)– methods of working with teenagers that have behavioral problems or are prone to criminalization or marginalization of cognitive behavioral interventions, teaching clients to cope with their aggressive behavior and to develop their communication skills. ART was designed by Arnold P. Goldstein and Barry Picom in the 1970-ies. ART was subjected to extensive evaluation and study of effectiveness in many countries: USA, Sweden, Holland, Poland, UK, Iceland, Finland and Norway. In Belarus, this technique will be presented for the first time.

The method can be successfully used in individual work with introverts and asocial, selfish, and depressed adolescents with a high level of anxiety. Like the versatility of the method stems from the fact that ART allows the students to master the common techniques of behavior required in everyday life, regardless of the main issues of the situation. It is a multimodal program consisting of three components:

  • The training Pro-social skills;
  • Training control emotions and experiences;
  • The training of moral character.
Each of the three components address different aspects of functioning in society, and in the process of training participants master these skills first in the classroom, and then transfer them to a new situation outside of the group.

The event will take place1-2 November 2017 in Minskon the basis of the state educational INSTITUTION "Academy of postgraduate education". The event can take up to 100 professionals working with adolescents in conflict with the law. If you want to participate in the seminar please fill in the formTHE LINK. Experts selected to participate in the event, will be notified no later than 25.10.2017 G.

The seminar is conducted by KNUT GUNDERSEN Professor, University College Diakonhjemmet, head of the Center for ART in Norway, the lead trainer on this programme in Europe. Born in 1950, Professor University College Diakonhjemmet, Sandnes, Norway. The author of 23 books and articles in the area of social competence and environmental therapy, the participant of many international conferences in 14 different countries. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of training programs for social competence in Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, England and Russia. Is the author of two programmes: addressing issues of education and training in social perception. Since 2011 he is President of the International Association PREPSEC - international organization for the promotion of programs in the area of social emotional competence. Is also a member of ENSEC and a member of the editorial Board of the journal IJEE.

For more information call: +375 17 398-05-40, +375 44 763-75-54 (Oksana).

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